Other Services

Credit Cards

Redwater Valley Bank offers MasterCard© credit cards with no annual fee and no minimum finance charge. The annual percentage rate may vary. Credit Card Payments are due 25 days from the closing date shown on your monthly statement. Pay the entire balance to avoid incurring finance charges or late fees. Finance charges are based on the average daily balance (including new purchases).

Please contact us by calling (406) 485-4782 or stop by the Bank for an application.

Debit Cards

Redwater Valley Bank offers MasterCard© Debit Cards to customers with established checking accounts. A Debit Card is just like writing a check only it is faster, easier and more convenient than writing a check. MasterCard© Debit Cards can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard© logo. The purchases are deducted directly from your checking account.

Benefits of using a Debit Card:

  • Accepted anywhere a MasterCard© Credit Card is accepted
  • Faster than writing a check
  • Less bulky than carrying cash and checks
  • More secure than carrying cash
  • Does not require ID
  • Accepted more readily than checks at out of town locations
  • Description of purchase listed on bank statement
  • No transaction fees
  • Saves on check printing costs
  • Best of all debit cards are easy to use.

Please contact us by calling (406) 485-4782 or stop by the Bank to obtain your MasterCard debit card.

For after-hours Debit Card Support call 1-833-933-1681.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Redwater Valley Bank offers three sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes. A Safe Deposit Box is a secure place to store your valuables.
Safe Deposit Boxes are rented annually.

  • Small Box $20.00
  • Medium Box $30.00
  • Large Box $40.00

Safe Deposit Box contents are not FDIC Insured.

Safe Deposit Box contents are not covered by Redwater Valley Bank's insurance policy.

Please contact the Bank at (406) 485-4782 for more information regarding Safe Deposit Box rental.

Additional Services

  • 24 Hour Answering Service
  • 24 Hour ATM (Drive-up)
  • Auction Sale Clerking
  • Automated Clearing House
  • Automatic Payments
  • Automatic Transfers
  • Balance Protection
  • Bank by Mail
  • Bill Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • Drive-Up Window
  • FAX Services
  • Gift Cards
  • Mobile Banking
  • Money Orders
  • Night Depository
  • Notary Public
  • On-Line Banking
  • Photo Copy Machine
  • Travel Cards
  • Wire Transfer